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Monday, 23 June 2014

Midsummer Celebrations in Brisbane 2014

Family, Friends, Food and lots of Fun!

We celebrated Swedish Midsummer in Brisbane yesterday
with traditional dancing, singing and family friendly activities.

Lily really got into the spirit of midsummer...

while big brother Jonah rather played soccer!

They both enjoyed a Swedish hot dog each.

 My treat for the day was a baguette with prawns, mayo, dill, lettuce and lemon.
So yummy! 

We had a great day celebrating Swedish Midsummer.
Lots of photos were taken.
I had fun playing with filters on Instagram.
In the end, I chose the filter called 1977.
Funny thing is that some of the photos have such a 70s feel
and I could have been the little girl.

The weather was perfect.
- lots of summer dresses, shorts and t-shirts.
A beautiful winter's day in the southern hemisphere.

My mum celebrated Midsummer in Sweden
dressed in thermal underwear, pants, knitted sweater and a raincoat
plus accompanied by an umbrella. Freezing!

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  1. Så mysigt att fira Midsommar på andra sidan klotet. Underbart att traditionerna lever vidare.


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