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Thursday, 19 June 2014

Midsummer 2014

Wow, tomorrow is Swedish Midsummer Eve!
Can't believe it's already half way to Christmas shortly.
Time flies☺

Christmas Christmas Christmas
- my favourite time of the year!
Dont't worry...
I'm not going to start blogging about Christmas yet,
I think I'll wait a couple of months - or three,
and then get right into it on my Swedish Christmas blog

Enough about Christmas.
Another week and we have two weeks of Winter holidays from school ahead of us.
It will be great not to have to get up at 5 am.
It will be lovely not make school lunch every day.
It will be nice to not catch the school bus.


I'm not looking forward to conflicts and fights between my two cherubs.
I wish they would enjoy each others company,
and cherish that they always will have a friend,
instead of constantly arguing.
Maybe one day...☺

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  1. I was an only child but I had 4 kids and they still don't get along and that really hurts because I would have given an arm and a leg to have a sibling. Oh well, such is life. Yours may grow out of it since there is only 2 of them. I had 4 and they're all busy with their own lives I guess.
    As for Christmas...bring it on! For those of us who make only hand made gifts then it is never too early! I have a bunch of birthdays in July and then it's all about Christmas presents. I do have a couple done already. Do you make any of your gifts for Christmas?

  2. Hi, dear heart...oh, I think most siblings fuss and fight a little...sometimes, a lot.
    Hoping your week has been good....
    hugs, bj


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