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Saturday, 28 June 2014

Midsummer at IKEA Logan, Queensland, Australia

This is how a traditional Midsummer Smörgåsbord looks like. Lots of fresh food displayed beautifully on a long table; jars of pickled herring, potatoes, meatballs, salmon, egghalves with caviar or mayo and prawns, cracker bread, cheese, pies, different desserts - strawberries and cream is a must in Summer! 

Last Wednesday we went to IKEA to celebrate Midsummer.

After handing in our tickets to the lovely IKEA staff in the traditional Swedish costume, we were shown to our table and then it was time to get a food trolley, queue up and finally fill our plates.

Cold food; salmon and pickled herring in the fridge section and hot food from the canteen; meatballs, boiled potatoes, creamed potatoes, potato chips (french fries), chicken nuggets, leak- and cheese pie and a pasta dish.

Bread, cheese and desserts.
Oh, how I would love to have one of those big dala horses... ☺

Mmmm... Strawberries!

A trolley full with food.

Swedish Midsummer

Salmon on cracker bread - and a plate of midsummer food, 
a selection of salmon, prawns, egg with caviar, leak- and cheese pie. 

Berry tarts for dessert.

Lots of people.
The whole restaurant was packed.

The pink princess


Master Jonah with his chocolate treat around his face lol

...and Miss Lily too.

Yours truly with hubby☺

A giant Swedish meatball...

Lily with Farmor (Paternal grandmother)

Lily should have worn her Swedish costume too! 

To see Lily in her beautiful blue and yellow Swedish dress click here!

Love the Swedish flag, especially on a bright and sunny Summer's day.
It's beautiful as a bunting too ☺

Looking forward to next year's Midsummer celebration at IKEA.
I think I'll write them some suggestions, 
give feedback to make the next event even better!

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  1. Ikea are going to love you, I should hope they make you a VIP Guest for 2015! Loved seeing your lovely family photos, it's great how you have Lily moving around! Plus your necklace is gorgeous!!
    Have a great week
    Wren x

  2. The opening smorgasbord looks so yummy! What a wonderful IKEA event. I couldn't have imagined IKEA in Australia, they haven't even had a store near me until recently, my DIL goes there a lot. Your kids look like they had fun, the Swedish Meat Ball character is so funny. Lily in her blue and yellow dress reminds me of the peasant dress my daughters wore, mostly blue with other colors in the trim. Cute!

  3. Fantastic midsummer celebration. We are getting an IKEA just 5 minutes from our home. It will be completed in Sept or Oct.

  4. Looks like fun and good food, too! Have a great week! Dianne


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