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Sunday, 30 March 2014

Rustic corner vignette

Wooden corner in the kitchen sit down area.

Vintage glass/wood lamp. 
Candle with coconut fragrance and cinnamon bark,
faux greenery on a pretty little cloth in a wooden bowl.
Simple and beautiful on a old wooden box.

 Vintage wash board.

Today we are having a grey and rainy Sunday.
After hours indoors, the kids decided to go out and play.
Nice with some 'fresh' air... Quite humid inside too.
Hope you all have a great weekend!
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  1. Enjoyed your simple grouping. I also have a vintage washboard, but it does not look like yours. I wish could come back to your wonderful part of the world. I will just treasure memories from another time. So happy you dropped by for a visit.

  2. This I so are gifted at Decorating

  3. I was immediately drawn to the thumbnail picture! I love this vignette. It's so fun to think about you in fall weather. When it was fall up here I made the same candles with the cinnamon sticks :) I am coveting the lamp. Glad you shared!

  4. Nice vignette. I like the washboard.


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