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Wednesday, 30 January 2013

OMGoodness... Unreal!

An update my my neck of the woods... ☺
The water level in Logan River has risen, causing more flooding around our area... This is the road where the bus normally stops and picks us up...

Tudor Park

The public toilets to the left

A flooded walkway 

The parking spot under water

From the other side of the flooded road:

Can't even see where the road is!

This road floods every year

Under the bridge a few minutes drive from us:

Water all over the road...

Our beautifully restored Red Bridge which once was the Pacific Highway.
Now used by pedestrians and bike riders.

It's not until you get up high you realise how swollen the river really is and how extremely flooded the area is. 


The bridge we took photos from earlier.
Some cars actually tried to drive through the water... Crazy!!

Fire engine to the rescue!

Jonah with sun in his eyes.
It was so hot and sticky on the bridge. 
The sun was heating up the soaked ground creating high humidity.

Tropical, for sure!

Logan River - very swollen.

Logan River Parklands - totally under water!!


A few people out taking photos and movies of the flooding

Oh, my... That was lots of photos... I could have divided them and written a couple of blog entries, but I wanted you to experience the same thing that I did today, even if it's only online.


By the way, the river has risen further...
This photo was taken last night.
The water was as far up as the bus stop!
Never seen that happen before...


  1. All that water and flooding is scary. Glad that you are okay.

  2. We have had lots of flooding too, still cut off from town.
    I don't really remember it flooding like that when we lived up there!
    Glad you are safe and dry where you live.


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