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Sunday, 13 January 2013

Hanging in there...

My Swedish Santas are still present.

Today is the official day in Sweden to take Christmas decorations down.
- 20 days after Christmas, on the 13th of January.

My decorations are to be enjoyed for a longer period of time!
If you love Christmas as much as I do,
please come back soon☺

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  1. I should have waited two more days... I took mine down yesterday. Didn't realize that it was a Swedish tradition to wait until the 13th. Next year I will wait and let my husband know that I have to do what my ancestors do :)

  2. Everything is down..except for the tree. I haven't got time, as we're driving tomorrow 3 hours to stay with our grands, they're parents are going on business. In Latin America we start to take our C'mas down after Three Kings Day, that would be the 7th. of Jan. Big hugs,

  3. I am still taking things down too!


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