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Thursday, 17 January 2013

Brisbane Excursion

We went on a family adventure last Monday. Parked the car at Portside Wharf, where hubby works and took the City Cat into South Bank in Brisbane. The trip with the ferry took 40 minutes and the kids loved it! It was a grey day - not too hot, well actually it was a bit chilly. We saw a few raindrops in the air too! Perfect day to travel and explore.

We arrived at the Queensland Museum and were about to go and purchase tickets to the Dinosaur Exhibition 'Explore-A-Saurus' when a man with a family approached me and asked if we were going to the Science Centre... He gave us his tickets, two adults and one child (worth $36!) -  there are definitely still some nice people out there!  So instead of visiting the dinosaur exhibition, we spent a couple of hours at the Science Centre - for free!

Story Bridge, Brisbane.

On the City Cat

Getting right into things at the Science Centre...

Lily's favourite spot - with all the pink!!



Spinning around

The kiddies

Yours Truly on a fruit platter...

It was electrifying... ☺

Next time, we'll visit the Dinosaur Exhibition!

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