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Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Ex-Tropical Cyclone Oswald moves through southeast Queensland

For those who doesn't know what a cyclone is... Here's a link to Wikipedia. If you want to find out the difference between Cyclone - Hurricane - Tornado, use this link from Australian Bureau of Meteorology.

We are were lucky to live where we are. It's a slight hill where the road is and then we have our driveway as well, keeping us up high. There is no chance for us to flood. Nearby, we have a river, which is very high and has flooded at several spots causing damage to homes.

Photos from our suburb, just down the road:

This is where we get on the bus normally...

The local soccer team's oval... or should I say pool ☺

In our big Brisbane newspaper, The Courier Mail you can see horrific pictures of the flooding at the moment.  There is a chance for Queensland to be hit by another cyclone in 30-60 days thanks to the Monsoon cycle...

Various photos from our beautiful Queensland:

Brisbane floods

Queensland Floods - Brisbane river

I'm very grateful.
We are safe.
Our house is intact.
We have electricity.
...and today the sun is shining upon us!
Time to get my Year 1 student ready for school ☺

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  1. Hej!
    Så skönt att höra att du och din familj har det tort om fötterna och bor högt upp.
    Vet inte vart jag varit men inte har jag tittat på TV tydligen för i morse när jag slog på Sunrise blev jag rejält överraskad av att det var så illa i norra delen av landet, det var ju inte så länge sedan det var så torrt att allt brann!!! Variationerna är stora här. Vi bor på en galen plats i världen det är ett som är säkert!
    Ta hand om dig och hoppas allt går bra.
    Kram Anette


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