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Monday, 28 January 2013


Well, thanks to Cyclone Oswald I've been missing in action... After taking it easy at the end of the school holidays before Year 1 starts, Queensland was once again hit hard by Mother Nature.

Incredible amounts of rain and gusty winds, to put it mildly, hit our precious state. Yesterday afternoon we lost power at 2 pm and it didn't return until 5 pm today! 27 hours without power. OMG, what a day - alone with the kids while hubby was at work for 14 hrs and he didn't return until 3 am this morning.

The rain, holy moly... the amount of rain that came... monsoon rain, and add cyclone winds on top of that. What a nightmare! We were totally unprepared. The battery on my mobile died way too soon and our normal land line doesn't work when the power is cut... luckily I found an old phone to plug into the wall so I could ring hubby in the middle of the night and make sure he was alright because he hadn't come home at his usual time. Hubby stayed back at work to do some paperwork due to lots of damage at the job site. Just talking to him, made me calm.

The rain and the wind - I thought trees would fall onto our house... Very stressful, and then the fact that we didn't have power didn't make matters easier. 11000+ households in our area was affected and all up, close to 200 000 households here in South-East Queensland. The Energex guys had heaps to do! Incredible how many fallen trees on power lines they had to attend to and fix.

We are OK. Our house is OK. The garden is green once again - but soaked! The power is back on. Jonah is ready for the first day of school tomorrow, Year 1 here he comes!

In a day or two, I'll let you know what I was up to when the power was off... Stay tuned, blog friends ☺


  1. Oh we have monsoons here in the desert and they are really rough. So glad you are all ok. Hugs, Marty

  2. How scary! We have storms like that in the spring here in my part of the states.We usually lose power too! So glad you are all safe!

  3. Sounds scary. Glad your home was not damaged. I've never been in a hurricane. But my sister in FL has been through a couple.

  4. Glad that you are okay. Not sure what a cyclone is like compared to tornados and hurricanes. We have storms that leave us without power for a week and sometimes longer. It can be bad if it is really cold or really hot. When ours power is out we don't have water because we have a well. We can stay at home if the temp is bearable. The last time I finally drove an hour to get ice and to charge the cell phone. We don't have a generator. But even those that did couldn't find gas to power them.
    So glad that you are okay and your home is as well. Sure don't like al these storms we are all having.


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