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Sunday, 2 December 2012

1st of Advent

Today we are lighting the first candle of four... 
The Christmas countdown has begun!

Happy 1st of Advent☺

It was a rather hot day today as well. I preferred to decorate indoors with the air con going, than spending time outside. The air con was on for the most of the day. Once in a while I turned it off, but when the house heated up to +29°C (84.2°F), it was time to turn it on again!

Noticed the kids didn't want to spend too much time outdoors either. They only went out for a bit when I had to get some more Christmas stuff from my boxes outside.

Here in Australia it's custom to start decorating for Christmas on the first of December. Some even put the trees up. That's a little bit early for me. In our family we decorate it mid December. Back home, we used to decorate the Christmas tree on the night before Christmas Eve, but then on the other hand, us Swedes, we don't take the tree down until 20 days after Christmas... and the Aussies take it down just after the holiday. I prefer having the tree up for a long time and all the decor as well - I want to be able to enjoy my Christmas haven - for a long time! So we put the tree up quite early and take it down late - best of both worlds lol

Stay tuned for more Christmas posts!


  1. In the States, many of us feel the season begins right after Thanksgiving. If I use our fake tree I get it up ASAP because I too want to enough it all for a long time! Merry Christmas!

  2. I put mine up super early and put it away on Boxing Day (my Birthday).
    I can't stand having it up in the New Year......;O)
    I looked at your 2011 Christmas post and it looks very lovely and festive.
    Tania xx

  3. Love those candle holders representing four weeks of Christmas, I just got a couple a few weeks ago on our trip to Denmark (my hubby is Danish). Will be posting about them on my blog


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