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Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Junior Sports Day 2017

Yesterday was the school's Junior Sports Day. This was the last year for Lily to be a junior, next year she'll join big brother Jonah and the rest of the seniors. Jonah will be in Year 6 and Lily in Year 3. Holy moly, where has the time gone??

We had absolutely amazing weather. It was sunny and the sky was so fabulously blue - no clouds what so ever. According to the weather man this morning it was going to be 27°C/81°F, but during the day it started to feel much, much warmer - not bad for a Winter's day, hey?!

♥ Selfie with my girl ♥

Well done to Lily for coming 3rd in her race.
The Junior Sport's Day is not about winning, 
but about participation and having fun!

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