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Monday, 28 August 2017

Book Week 2017

OK, Book Week is one of those events during the school year that you feel like you have all the time in the world to plan for, but then all of a sudden, the book week parade is here and you have no clue at all what the kids, in my case two school kids, will dress up as.

This year's theme was "Escape to Everywhere" which seemed like an easy task. First Lily mentioned she wanted to dress up as Red Riding Hood  - but no outfit at home and by the time I thought I'd get a bit organised, it was too late to order an outfit from eBay. So, Lily said she wanted to dress up as a cowgirl - like Jessie in Toy Story, but then completely different still.

With Jonah, it was a different story. He didn't want to get dressed up at all. Period. We tried and gave him some ideas... Greg Heffley in Wimpy Kid for example. No. The answer was no and Jonah didn't dress up at all. Ah well, as long as he was happy with his choice!

Some of the teachers

Lily with her fairy friend Abigail

Jonah with his class and the BFG as his teacher?!!

Got to love Book Week... ☺
Better start planning for next year's costumes now!

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