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Sunday, 20 August 2017

Instant outdoor laundry

Got to love a back up washing machine!

As a wife and a mum of school kids, I do a lot of laundry - especially on weekends... school uniforms, hubby's work uniforms and everything else I haven't been able to wash during the week. I do a lot of laundry during the week too, so the washing machine is part of my family! 

So, last Saturday morning (yesterday, that is) I washed a load during the night and by the morning, I noticed that the washing was slightly more damp and I thought I'd just do a second spin cycle and then hang it out... Ha! The motor was dead. We purchased this machine in 2013 after our first washing machine died after 10 years of frequent use. 

Luckily, I had a second washing machine out in the shed. I brought out this top loader from Sweden over 15 years ago and hubby installed it outside in between our sink and potting table - an instant outdoor laundry! I've always wanted a second laundry, so I'm in a happy place doing the laundry in the sunshine... while waiting to get my other machine fixed. 

Hope you all have had a relaxing weekend and that you are ready for the new week ♥

Pernilla xx

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  1. Oh Pernilla, I'm sorry your washing machine broke down. Our washing machine I brought from the USA, almost 26 years ago died on us and I wasn't to surprised, as you can tell. I just got a new one and I'm so happy.
    Doing the laundry outside in your shed with the sun shining must be great !


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