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Sunday, 25 June 2017

Senior Sports Day and Olden Day School Day

Hi all,

We are now officially on school holidays, 
but first I have to step back in time for this year's 
Senior Sports Day
and post about this glorious day.

Ok, so the day before was a grey and gloomy Tuesday,
really cosy actually, if you ask me,
but just in time the weather changed 
and we got to enjoy  
a fantastic Winter's day in sunny Queensland.

It is like they say...
Queensland weather:
Beautiful one day - Perfect the next!

Last Wednesday, my almost 11 year old prince had his
Sports Day!

The school has three three teams.
This is 'Banksia' 

"We are the team from the green triangle.
Every team we meet, we strangle..."

100 metre race for boys born 2006.
Boys from both grade 5 and 6 were competing.

4th place ☺
Well done - I'm such a proud mummy!

A selfie in the sun!

While Sports Day was going on for Year 3-6,

Year 2 had an Olden Day School Day

The whole class... No smiles allowed  during school photos lol

During the lunch break, it was all fun and games.
Little sister supervised when 
big brother and friend were playing handball.

It was a lovely day at the end of Term 2.

Thank you for stopping by!


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