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Monday, 5 June 2017

Different shades of grey

Hello all, mid-Monday here in the land down-under! Hope you had a nice weekend/enjoying your weekend right now. It's been a while since I showed you any of the kids's rooms. You know how it is, not always those spaces are presentable for the world to see... ☺

Our son Jonah is growing up. He'll be 11 years old in mid-September and he's a real tween. OMG, life with him is like a roller coaster, then add an almost 8 year old little sister into the mix - Jeez, grey hairs are showing up faster than you can imagine! Love them to bits, though.

We decided to make Jonah's room a little more grown-up a while back. The kids swapped beds. Lily originally had the double bed, but wanted a single - and Jonah wanted a double bed because he loves to snuggle of of us before going to sleep. So does Lily in her single bed... slightly less space there lol

Click here to see Jonah's early boy's room. It hasn't looked like this for ages, but I had trouble finding a newer photo. The red, blue and white colour scheme is now gone and has been replaced different shades of grey and black. The white double bed was painted grey. We also wallpapered a feature wall. I really love the rustic industrial feel the brick wallpaper creates. Added some fun decor on the wall as well.

I'm so happy Jonah likes his bedroom too. It probably makes him feel a bit more grown up - and he sleeps really well in the new flannelette sheets I purchased for him for winter. Normally he'd sleep on light grey sheets, but the colour is fading to some kind of grey/beige colour, so I might buy him some charcoal coloured sheets for Summer. 

What do you like most about the room? 

All the best from this side of the planet... ♥
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