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Thursday, 29 June 2017

Hubby's 49th

Yesterday was hubby's 49th birthday.
We kept it low key as he didn't want any fuss... ☺

Next year will be a BIG one!

We had a table filled with presents...


Happy Birthday

To Pappa,
Have a joyful birthday

Lots of love
Lily and Jonah ♥

...festive balloons...

...and of course we had cake!

♥ Family Selfie ♥

My crazies in action ♥

My three ♥♥♥

...and presents from my mum in Sweden 
- lots of shirts and Swedish strong and spicy mustard, 'Slotts stark senap',
hubby's favourite since we were over there for Christmas 2003.
We always have it in our fridge as he can't live without it.
Gotta love Swedish quality!

Thank you for visiting
My Swedish Corner Down Under.
Hope your week has been good so far.

Week 1 of our school holiday is almost over.
It's been so nice to potter around the house,
not have to go anywhere,
not see anyone,
just land and relax after 
10 weeks of school.

Until next time,
Take care!

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  1. Happy birthday Grant! :)
    Big 5-0 next year..I just had mine!


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