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Friday, 16 June 2017

Friday... Fri Yay!

Hi all, After a few days of grey weather and a couple of days of rain, it now feels awesome that we finally reached Friday! TGIF!

School pick up in the rain isn't my favourite activity, especially when the bus stop doesn't have a shelter and we are all crammed in under an umbrella waiting for the bus, which also decided to be a bit late to pick us up... Never mind, that's in the past! Today is a new day and hopefully no rain this afternoon... ☺

My Swedish best friend who lives out in woop woop, 
texted me the other day, asking me how I was holding up in the rain... 
So, I sent her this photo 
- yours truly in a raincoat and under a huge umbrella. 

I've been busy drying clothes - and shoes - for days now, 
so I haven't had any inspiration to blog. 
Today I thought I'd check the Feathered Nest Friday Blog party I joined last Friday, 
and I got the biggest surprised ever 
- I had been featured!!  

Woohoo, this definitely made my day! It sure is a happy Friday ☺

Hope you all have a great weekend!
Thank you for stopping by☺


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