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Monday, 30 October 2017

Sunday on the Gold Coast...

What a day!
We spent the day on the Gold Coast.
The weather was beautiful and the view was fantastic.

In the distance you can see Surfer's Paradise

We arrived at my Uncle and his wife's place around noon, 
for a scrumptious luncheon - Swedish Sandwich Cake!

My Mum, my Hubby and Princess Lily

My Mum, Mum's little brother, my Hubby and Princess Lily

...and yours truly!

Master Jonah and my Uncle's wife.

Master Jonah

'Always Chillin'

Always 27°C (80.2°F)  in the pool!

A pool selfie is a must...

Here we are... the kids, my Mum and I


It's fun when Google creates Panorama photos... ☺
I didn't know we had twins?!!

...and here we have four kids, two sets of identical twins.
But luckily, only one mum!!
Thanks Google!

Little Miss Princess didn't want to get out of the pool...

We had lovely Afternoon Tea after our time in the pool!

A windy selfie with my Mum ♥

A fabulous day! 
Great company, good food and a dip in the pool.
A Sunday can't get much better than this!

Thank you for stopping by and sharing our day with us!
Until next time... ♥

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