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Monday, 2 October 2017

Last day of the school holidays

Today was the last day of the school holidays. We got an extra day thanks to our state's Queen's birthday public holiday. It's been raining on and of pretty much all day. We haven't had any rain for weeks, so our lawn was dry and brown. It's amazing how quickly the grass changed colour back to green again. Yesterday we went to our park for a quick play before the rain arrived.

💖 Yours truly with hubby 💖

Princess Lily

Lily having fun with daddy

Like peas in a pod

Lily aka the acrobatic princess 

Jonah - the scooter prince

Tomorrow, it's time for school again - after 17 days off... I'm not so sure if the kids feel excited to start the last term of the year... I feel a bit low that we have to go back to our normal routines with school lunches and bus trips, but I'm pretty sure we'll all get back into it in a week or so. Only 10 weeks until the Christmas holiday/Summer break. The countdown has begun! 

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