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Saturday, 21 October 2017

Mum has arrived in kangaroo country!

Very, very early yesterday morning, mum finally arrived in Australia after a very long flight from Sweden. Her departure was delayed 24 hours, so she was forced to stay at a hotel in Sweden before continuing her flight... The trip went well and mum received excellent help at every airport due to her bad back. She was either pushed around in a wheelchair or driven around in a little buggy.

It's been three whole years since mum was here last. Luckily, we always keep in touch on Skype - and talk at least once or twice per week. Now we are able to spend some quality time in person!

The kids were very excited to see their Mormor and stayed awake until 2am. I didn't take the kids to school yesterday, instead we slept, recharged our batteries and spent time together. Hubby had to go to work though...

Hope you all have a nice and relaxing weekend! We are once again enjoying some rainy weather. The grass is nice and green... ☺

Thanks for stopping by! Until next time... ♥♥♥

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