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Wednesday, 9 November 2016

And the festivities continued... Day 4

We continued the celebrations for an other day... All great festivities last for three days, this case, four!

I made a traditional Princess Torte, but instead of colouring the marzipan green, I kept it natural and added some store bought sugar roses as decorations. Lily did the honors to decide where to place them.

♥ Lily 7 years old ♥

All the candles are on...

Mesmerized by the candle light... 

♥ Pretty Princess ♥

Take a deep breath...

...get ready to blow out candles and make a wish...

...or have big brother Jonah help out too...

Scrumptious piece of cake -  
Sponge with layers of jam, vanilla custard, whipped cream and marzipan on top. 

I really think Lily had a great time celebrating her 7th birthday:
Dinner at an Indian Restaurant
Birthday barbecue at grandparents
A day at the beach
and cake and birthday presents.
What more can a girl wish for?

 Lily with a few of her Monster High Dolls

Opening presents from Mormor

 Pippi Longstocking beanie and undies ♥

Thanks for stopping by ♥

Can't wait to share more fun times with you!

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