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Thursday, 30 November 2017

My Birthday week(end)

Last weekend was my birthday weekend.
Happy 44th!

We had lots on with a kids party and political voting on my actual birthday, so we only celebrated on a very small scale. It still felt like my birthday even though we didn't have a big celebration.

Birthday avocado toast brought to me by my hubby!

Birthday card from hubby and kids

My present was something I really needed - a new mobile phone with an awesome camera!

My present from my mum earlier in the week was a visit to the hairdresser for a total makeover!

Here we are out and about at Sizzler, celebrating my birthday early

So, going back to my actual birthday... Got a bit side tracked there with the hairdresser and lunch at Sizzler. My birthday cake was a sticky and gooey chocolate cake with cream and cashew nuts on top - a Swedish speciality and always a treat!

My birthday week(end) continued on Sunday the 26th.

I invited my Uncle (my mum's younger brother) and his wife, my in-laws and my Swedish BFF Petra and her two kids over to share lots of cake with my family and I. I had made three Swedish cakes - a green Princess Cake with scrumptious marzipan, a Tosca Cake with almond topping and finally a Meringue  Cake with cream and berries. It was a total feast! 

Chocolates from my Uncle and his wife

Gift Card, Birthday Card

...and lots of chocolates from my BFF.

P and P... Partners in Crime!

Birthday gifts from the in-laws,

A tin sign of Marilyn Monroe
and a collection of old country magazines.

After my birthday celebration, mum took us out for dinner. 

I had a great birthday celebration which lasted from Wednesday with a visit at the hairdresser and a lunch at Sizzler... Saturday with present and cake, to Sunday with family and friends over for cake and at the end of the night, a dinner out with my mum, hubby and kids. Can't wait for my 45th... ☺

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