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Wednesday, 22 November 2017

An outing with the best people! Part 1 Darlington Park

The other weekend we had an outing with our best friends, the other family who are like us - Swaustralian... ☺ (A family with a Swedish mum, Australian dad and kids who are both Swedish and Australian)

Despite risk of rain, we still went on a woop woop adventure! We went to the beautiful Darlington Park, Scenic Rim, Queensland. Talk about a pretty place...

Why did the cows disappear?! 😆😆😆
They seem to be running away from the tourists...

After our short pit stop, we continued to Darlington Park!

Despite the flies, we had a lot of fun!

The views around were spectacular!

♥ My mum ♥

Scrumptious lunch in the park


Watch out for the sharp and dangerous cones from the Bunya pine!

So Australian... ♥

On our way to our next adventure... The Lost World!

Have a nice rest of the week... ♥
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