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Friday, 1 July 2016

Gotta love the school holidays

Gotta love the school holidays!

Due to Lily's unfortunate accident we've been home pretty much the whole week. The kids have been relaxing, playing xbox and watching youtube. I've been able to potter around the house, done heaps of laundry, cleaning, baking and relaxing while watching some of my favourite TV shows and movies. 

I love that the UKTV channel shows Midsomer Murders every afternoon. It doesn't matter that I've seen the episodes more than 10 times... I still watch them while doing housework. My other favourite channel is 13th Street where I find Agatha Christie's Poirot and Miss Marple almost daily. I love the old world feel in these movies.  

So, today I decided to add some blue to the entrance. I wasn't happy about the way the hall buffet looked. It felt a bit boring earlier, but now when it's  all finished, I'm very pleased how it turned out. 

Different shades of blue.
 Blue is my favourite colour - relaxing and calming. 

I placed a miniature piece of furniture, a blue vase with faux flowers, and blue candles on an antique Swedish runner. Simple and subtle,

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend ♥

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