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Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Yesterday... What a day!

Yesterday was hubby's birthday. As soon he came home from work he had to take Lily to the medical centre... 

Let's start from the beginning. After our day out with friends, I made a cake for the birthday boy, let it rest in the oven with the oven door open for a while and sat down for a second or two... 

Do you see where this is going?!!

The kitchen was in total darkness. Lily walked in, but decided to leave the kitchen quickly and ran into the corner of the oven door a got a cut next to her eye. Pretty freaky, if you ask me!

Our poor princess was so brave getting her cut glued together.

Now the hard part is to remind her she's not allowed to
run, jump nor cartwheel for a whole week - only walk!

We decided to go out for dinner to celebrate hubby's birthday, 
a bit later in the evening than expected.
We drove to Shailer Park, 
a suburb close-by and tried out a new pizzeria,

Wood fired pizza


- A meat lover's heaven of beef, bacon, pepperoni, ham 
and our own Italian sausage on melted mozzarella

- Combining bacon with pineapple makes this classic twist 
of salty sweetness create taste buds tango

- Melted bocconcini torn and scattered on a tomato sauce crust 
topped with a healthy serving of basil

It's been years since I bought a pizza, 
but I will definitely go back to Mosaic Pizza and have some more!

We didn't have time for hubby's birthday cake, 
we'll save that for an other day 
- a day without accidents!


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