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Thursday, 24 December 2015

Christmas 2015

The third Sunday of Advent was celebrated on the 13th of December, the same day as we celebrate Lucia (Saint Lucy).

Our princess - a non traditional Lucia this year. She's a fun and colourful mix between a Santa girl and Lucia ☺

The kids posing in front of the xmas trees at Hyperdome Plaza. We had a day at the shops with the rest of Logan City... lol

Our tree is glowing... ♥ 

The fourth candle was lit on the fourth Sunday of Advent. The kids were excited that all the candles finally had been lit as that means that Christmas is around the corner!

Pretty and Christmassy on the dining room table

Out and about checking out the Christmas lights in a nearby suburb.

Our Christmas ham ready to be eaten - at 03:30am on Christmas Eve! Note to self: Cooking should be done at daytime and not in the middle of the night lol

Out traditional Swedish Christmas rice porridge with sugar and cinnamon on top. Unfortunately I forgot the blanched almonds this year. Ah well, there's always next year ☺

We had a very relaxing Christmas Eve at home. The kids opened their presents quite early and they've been pretty happy ever since... Yay! In the afternoon, we got rain and thunder so it was very cozy. 

Two happy kids: ♥ Thank you Mormor (maternal grandmother) for all our Christmas gifts! ♥

A relaxing moment in front of the Christmas tree and in front of the TV - Nigella's Christmas Special... Bliss ♥

My Monster High girl... ♥

Merry Christmas to all my followers! Hope you have a fantastic Christmas with your loved ones♥

If you feel like checking out some more Christmas posts, feel free to visit my Christmas blog, Swe-Aussie X-mas!


  1. Sounds like the perfect Christmas - Merry Christmas

  2. Felices días amig@s!!!
    A disfrutar del momento, y a pedir mucha SALUD y PAZ para el nuevo 2016.
    UN ABRAZO :)))

  3. What a wonderful Christmas all of you enjoyed. My mom used to fix us rice porridge when we were children too.
    Your two children are so cute and have the sweetest smiles. Happy Christmas Wishes - Betsy

  4. Hej söta Pernilla,

    Hoppas alla mår prima och hade en underbar jul. Nu är nyåret på gång och jag ser framemot ett ljus år för oss.

    Ha en underbar dag, min vän och så en BAMSE kram för det nya året.

    Greetings from the snowy Stockholm,


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