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Monday, 29 June 2015

Winter Holiday Playdate

It's the first real day of the Winter holidays and we went to a good friend's house for the day. We had a wonderful time. All the kids played nicely - and us mums too... lol

A lot of friends...
My two, my friend's three and two extra kids.
Imagine having seven kids at the table - at all times!
It's enough with two, I think.

Big smiles when it was dessert time ☺

The three friends.
They all go to the same Prep class.

The boys were busy playing games.

Some Wii-dancing... ☺

More dancing!
Ah, the energy these girls have...

The boys were being creative.

My friend's husband made us coffee.
So scrumptious!
A perfect ending of a perfect day ☺ 


  1. What beautiful fresh faces smiling, brightening my Monday morning!

    1. Your comment made my day, Jeannie Marie! Thank you :)


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