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Tuesday, 30 June 2015

OP shop finds

Spotted two Christmas books at our local OP shop when I was there the other day. It's been ages since I did any shopping there. I think the last time was in February when my mum was visiting from Sweden and almost on her way back home. Jeez, such a long time ago... Time flies with kids, school - and life! 

I always keep an eye out for good cookbooks, especially Christmas books. I know I have too many already, but I can't resist a really good bargain... Are you running out of shelf space too? 

These books will be perfect if I decide to celebrate Christmas in July!

Enjoy your day☺


  1. Cute cupcakes! I puzzle over the prospect of having Christmas in your summer, it must be tempting to have it in July. Do many people do that?

    1. Christmas in July is very popular here in Australia. As our normal Christmas is very hot, it's very nice to celebrate during our coldest time - and an excuse to have Christmas twice a year lol


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