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Tuesday, 28 April 2015

The execution...

At 2 am tomorrow, an execution will take place in Indonesia. The two Australian ring leaders in the Bali 9 will be executed by a firing squad, along with seven others. They were caught in 2005 when planning to smuggling heroin from Bali.

My opinion was black and white at the time; they did the wrong thing in a country with the death penalty. How stupid can you get? They chose to smuggle drugs and they knew they could get caught. Tough! If you do the crime...

Over the years, after having kids, I have changed my views. Nothing is black and white any more. What if it was my kids? Ten years have passed. The two young men are now ten years older and a lot wiser. They've been rehabilitated and have so much more to give, so much more they can do to give back to society - to help other people. It's a tragedy for their families and friends. Why not give them a second chance?

Tomorrow morning, at 2 am Australian time, these two men will be executed by a firing squad of twelve men.

I stand for mercy!

I stand for mercy!


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