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Wednesday, 29 April 2015


Hi everyone,

My hubby and I have been out and about a lot looking for tiles for his parents new kitchen. Huge task as they changed their minds a couple times and we had to go back and focus on different colours and designs. It was fun to see all the options. There's so much more than white subway tiles out there... 

I'm in love!

It was so easy for me to get side-tracked and spot tiles that would look awesome in our own home, instead of focussing on the real task... Luckily I was able to multi-task lol

Ahhh, the different brown tones...

There's even tiles which looks like corrugated iron!
How cool is that?

Different shades of browns and greys.

Fab tiles that look like parquet floor.

Gold - very fancy!

Fun colours for fun rooms. Perfect for an office or a playroom.


Modern Vintage

I wonder where we can use this wonderful mix of tiles...

Cool floor tiles! 

Yes, we did finish our task. In-laws have got their new tiles and tiling will commence shortly. 
I have so many ideas for our place too, but those ideas have to wait... ☺

See you soon!

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