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Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Lily's 5th birthday

We celebrated Princess Lily's 5th birthday last Tuesday... with a trip to Vietnam. Just kidding, we went to Brisbane's suburb Inala and enjoyed every minute of it. It really felt we had left the country - so exotic!   

The birthday girl and I checking out some veggies with Farmor.

More fruit and vegetables

Lots and lots of local produce

Amazing to see all the different kinds of fruit and veggies.

Had to go in and check out the fish market

Yours truly in a Vietnamese corner store

Farmor and Farfar with Princess Lily

Lunch at a Vietnamese Restaurant

The birthday princess and I.
Big hug♥

Reading the local news paper

The four of us

Lily quickly found some new friends

Trying out some Christmas hats

Lily and Eeyore.

Doesn't Lily have the most beautiful smile?!

My Pink Princess had a really lovely birthday with her grandparents. We all enjoyed ourselves, ate scrumptious Vietnamese food and had a pleasant time in a nearby suburb, which seemed to be in a far far away country.

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  1. Wow, so cool! Princess Lily looked like she really enjoyed her day 😄


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