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Monday, 24 November 2014

Happy 5th birthday - Party time!

The Birthday girl in her Elsa dress!
Yes, she's big fan of Elsa in the Disney movie Frozen, with ice powers and all lol

Birthday treats

Paper snowflakes - a tiny bit of Frozen☺


We made the cake ourselves - added Lily's choice of cake topper: Elsa from Disney's Frozen It's a traditional Swedish Princess Torte, but with way more layers than usual. Under the scrumptious marzipan, there are layers of sponge cake with raspberry jam and vanilla custard in between and fresh cream on the top. Yum yu, - and always a hit at birthdays and other celebrations!

Princess Elsa Lily had a great second 5th birthday celebration ☺


  1. ahhh, bless her little 5 year old heart...she is such a pretty girl. HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

  2. Such sweet pics of the birthday girl. The cake you made is adorable, looks like so much fun.


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