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Sunday, 3 August 2014

My rustic corner

It's been a while since I wrote a blog post about my interior decorating. My blog has mainly been about the kids lately and what we've been up to. It feels like my house is constant chaotic mess and there is no way I will ever take photos again. It's quite frustrating actually, cause I don't make the effort, like I used to, to make my normal changes, capture it and share it on the blog - it's always a mountain of washing in the way - or toys... How many toys can a family have? I mean, this is ridiculous. It feels like I'm drowning in toys and laundry. The life of a SAHM, hey?! Even if we try to keep toys in the kids' rooms they seems to creep into the kitchen, lounge room and any other corner of the house... lol

I'm very happy with my rustic corner in our lounge room. I hardly change anything, maybe just add some things here and there. Latest addition to the mirror shelf is a pretty doily. It has an oval shape and fits perfectly hanging down over the edge. I love that it brought some light and softness to the dark wood. The brown rose buds candle rings are Swedish vintage ones and also new to my rustic corner. 

My small Autumn touches are still intact.
There is always Autumn somewhere in the world, right?!

View of the whole corner

My favourite touch from the outdoors is a selection of pine cones. As soon as Little Miss Princess sees a pine cone when we are out and about she wants to add it to my collection. However, they don't always end up here - We have started to decorate our garden with the ones she finds and brings home.

Yours truly behind the leaves.

Well friends, time to hang out another load of laundry.
No rest for the wicked... ☺

Hope you all have a wonderful Sunday.

Hope to see you soon!

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  1. Your rustic corner looks amazing! I love that you let the patina remain on the dresser, it works so well with the gorgeous brass candle holders.

  2. Love, love, love your rustic corner! The white candles are amazing. Summer is here and I have less time for visiting so it is nice to catch up.


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