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Friday, 29 March 2013

Good Friday

Good Friday is almost at its end. Only dinner and tucking in the kids to bed left.
I'm totally exhausted after the first day of the Easter holidays.
Hubby spent the whole day at work.

I have been 'entertaining' the kids and trying to keep them from fighting too much...
Not sure if I was successful lol 
The whole day has been a roller coaster ride.

Good Fridays were different when I grew up.
It was the year's longest day - in Sweden, Good Friday is called 'Long Friday'.
No shops were open and TV only showed religious movies. 
A least that's how it felt...☺

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  1. Hej !
    Kan hålla med om det där att det är stängt överallt och bara skit på tv när det är LÅNG fredag.
    Önskar dig en härlig påsk.
    Kram Pernilla

  2. Pernilla, I love your sweet vignette. I hope you got rested up. Keeping kids from fighting is quite a task indeed. Thanks for sharing with Share Your Cup.


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