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Sunday, 3 March 2013

An update from my neck of the woods...

Since my last blog post I have visited our dentist and had a root canal. Unfortunately, an infection occurred and I've been eating painkillers and antibiotics - as if they were lollies... ☺ Seriously, I've never ever eaten this much medication - ever. Not a big fan of meds. I'd rather keep myself and my family healthy with non-traditional and safe alternatives. This time I had to bite the bullet - I've been drowsy & dizzy, nauseous and feeling sick - on top of the scrutinizing pain. I spent my days horizontally, in bed or on the sofa. The only times I was up, was when I had to cook food for the kids. So hard to be a good mum when you're not feeling well. Luckily, I'm on the mend!

The weather has been wet, very wet. It's been raining non-stop for days. Unbelievable!  For days! The grass is once again soaked - lovely and green, I might add. The sun has been hiding and I'm not sure when it's going to show up again... It's been quite cozy with the grey weather, especially when you don't have to go out at all. The kids and I have been watching TV and snuggling under the blankets. Perfect weather when you're not feeling well ☺

Until next time...


  1. Hi :) found you at faith grace and craft. Jeg er norsk :) nice to see your svenska style down under! I love vintage to! and be careful with all that medication ;) I had the same problem and got croncial infection in my esophagus (spiserør) because the painkillers burned me up inside.. so take some meds for the acid as well! or drink sourmilk with it.. anyway! god bedring, be well soon! kram fra Norge, Lisbeth

  2. So sorry you have not been feeling well. Tooth pain is one of the worst things! Hope your rainy season ends soon, too.

  3. So sorry to hear you have an infection from your root canal.I have had two root canals over the past three years and they are awful! I am lucky I did not get an infection though.Hope you are feeling better soon!

  4. Hope you feel better. Infections in root canals can be serious .

  5. Hope you are feeling better!!
    Thanks so much for stopping by!!



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