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Wednesday, 24 October 2012

A Day in mid - August...

It was a while back...

Our pergola was on its way down... and had been for quite some time.

We had been lucky it hadn't crashed down onto us...

It was a close call once,
Jonah was little and we've all just come home from the shops and
hubby had rushed off to work.
I heard a HUGE bang and thought Jonah pulled down something heavy 
onto the floor. I panicked - big time!

Nothing had happened inside, Jonah was safe. I peeked through the front door.
A part of the pergola had fallen down where we park our car 
- 40 mins earlier we had been standing there!!
Our Guardian Angels definitely looked after us that day.

Hubby spent a couple of hours removing the timber.

Say bye bye to the ugly old timber...

And this is the finished result:

So bright and airy

I don't miss it one single bit...

Now I'm looking forward to our future project of adding a beautiful deck at the front.
Stay tuned...


  1. Great that no-one hurt there, and now you are looking forward to a new deck, it will be a lovely outdoor area!
    Blessings, Jan

  2. So happy no one was hurt. You will enjoy the deck out front!


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