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Friday, 13 July 2012

Six years ago...

I received the shocking news that my darling Dad had passed away 
very suddenly and very unexpectedly - at the early age of 62,
two months before Jonah was born.

My whole world went to pieces.

He was my best friend. We used to email each other every day
and spoke on the phone as often as we could☺

Not a day goes by without me thinking of him.

- See you on the other side♥


  1. Your dad must have been so special, just like mine.
    Thinking of you and knowing how you feel. Wishing I could make it better. Sending you lots of hugs.


  2. Dear Pernilla, I totally understand your feeling, you dad I am sure is in a very beautiful place and you'll meet him one day and everything will be happy again. Thank you for stopping by in my blog, I am glad you liked my projects. Have a wonderful day, will love to visit you again.


  3. Pernilla, when memories are all we have they become much sweeter, don't they. I lost my dad 15 years ago and still miss him so much. Wishing you precious memories!

  4. My Father was my best friend too it was 20years in June since I lost him I was 27 not a day goes by for me either. My Father passed after a long illness I can't imagine what suddenly loosing him would have been like.
    Heart hugs to you Pernilla

  5. We will always be Daddy's girl even when they are gone from us. It has been 8 years for my dad and there are so many times still that I wish he were here to share things with.

    How blessed we were to have such wonderful dads!

    bee blessed

  6. Im so very sorry about your Dad. I lost mine when he was only 51....and I was only 23. That was many, many years ago now, but I still miss him so very much. He'll always be my Daddy no matter my age.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such a sweet note.

  7. So sorry about your loss. It sounds like you had a very special relationship with your dad.


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