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Monday, 2 July 2012

Second week of the holidays

One week of mostly rain was enough... now the second week of the holiday has started and finally we are getting some sun - yay! Time to spend some time outdoors and enjoy the wonderful temperatures.

The kids

Lily in red white and blue... a sparkling 4th of July princess ☺
Hope all of you Americans have a great Independence Day!

Photo: The two wild ones

My Prince and Princess 

Greetings from Australia♥


  1. Your read, white and blue kiddoes are adorable!! Gorgeous RW&B Princess! Hugs and thanks Pernilla.

  2. Vilka söööööööööötisar!! Och riktigt glada sådana också för den delen:))) Här har också fallit regn och jag väntar sååååååå himla mycket på några dagars riktigt badväder!!!

    STöööööööööööööörsta kraaaaaamen aka

  3. Your children are adorable! Thank you for your Independence day good wishes :)


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