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Sunday, 28 May 2017

Hello... I'm back!

Hi all,

It's been ages since I posted anything to Blogger. I haven't even been out to Blogland to take a look for quite some time. I kind of had a time out from social media, especially from my blogging. The inspiration hasn't been there at all - a messy house hasn't helped I've only posted occasional photos on Instagram, but I even had a whole month off that platform as well. Today I felt inspired to add some photos there, and also to post here on Swedish Corner Down Under!

Here comes a little update from my neck of the woods...

Two months ago Cyclone Debbie travelled from north Queensland down to us in South-East Queensland. By then, she was no longer a cyclone but still brought heavy rain and strong winds. The government decided to close all schools as it was unsafe to be out and about in the really bad weather.

At the end of Thursday night, when we thought everything was over, we realised it wasn't. Not only did Ex-Cyclone Debbie bring lots of rain and strong winds when she passed by, on her way to the ocean, she also managed to bring down a tree onto our roof. Thank you so much for the scare, the damage and the headache.

Logan River

The kids are checking out the river

Yours truly... ☺

No buses today...
No buses for quite some time, actually!

So much water... The water level has never been this high since I moved here!

Our skate park completely submerged!

A view from the top of the street

We had a blackout for 24 hours due to this flooding. 56 properties in our area were affected. An excuse for us to go out for lunch and dinner lol. Lots of other suburbs were without power for much longer... 

The Tudor Park, Skate Park and playground.

Logan River

Now, everything is back to normal for us. We were very lucky. Some people weren't as blessed. We are alive, We still have our house and all our possessions. The roof still needs to be fixed, but that's a minor issue.  These two months have passed by very quickly and this disaster has been archived into our hard drives. Life goes on - and we have to be thankful that we were very lucky!


  1. Oj! Skönt att ni mår bra och att det gått bra för er bortsett från taket!

    1. Tack, Johanna! Ja, verkligen skönt att vi klarade oss... Andra förlorade både hus o hem!


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