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Thursday, 1 October 2015

Welcome October!

For me, October is Autumn. It doesn't matter that it is Spring outside and the sun is shining, the temperature is pleasantly warm and we are rapidly getting closer to our hot Summer...

Our second week of our Spring holiday is coming to an end. Not yet, but I can feel these last four - five days will disappear in an instant and we'll be back to normal life with school lunches and bus trips.

It's been so nice to be home and not have to go anywhere. I've really needed to relax - and do housework. To potter around the house hasn't felt like a chore at all. I'm happy with what I've accomplished and that's the main thing. The kids haven't killed each other either, so that's definitely a bonus this holiday. Jonah has been busy playing his Xbox and Lily has been creative painting water colours outdoors. The key is to keep them apart lol

Only 10 weeks until the Summer holiday/Christmas break... I haven't started the countdown yet, but maybe in a few weeks when I'm feeling hot and bothered and totally over going on any more buses lol

Until next time... Cheerio ☺

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  1. Hello, Down Under....:)
    It still seems funny to me that you have summer when we have winter. :)
    Hope ya'll are doing well.


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