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Friday, 18 July 2014

An afternoon on the Gold Coast

We spent last Saturday afternoon on the Gold Coast,
visiting my Uncle.
(My mum's younger brother)

The stunning foyer! 

Fabulous light fixture in the foyer.

In the lift, on our way to the roof!

Google+ created a panoramic photo of a series of photos I took.
What a pretty view☺

Yours truly on the roof top!
Surfer's Paradise in the background.

So nice to see some love between these two♥

It was a beautiful winter's day
- lovely sunshine, bright blue sky and no clouds what so ever!

Jonah the explorer☺

After our little walk around the marina we headed back to explore more...

The pool area - Lily felt right at home☺

Time to celebrate my Uncle on his birthday


Scrumptious cupcakes

My Swedish Tosca cake

Rocky Road Chocolates

Gorgeous evening sky - and the silhouette of my Uncle ☺

How beautiful is this?

Wonderful sky and stunning super moon!

My Uncle and his wife

After a fantastic afternoon,
was it time to get back to reality.

Life is back in full swing.
The Winter holiday is truly over - and our colds too!
Back to school lunches, bus trips and getting into homework tasks.
Only nine weeks until our two week Spring holiday.
Can't wait!!

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  1. Beautiful photos!! Beautiful family!! Thanks so muchf or the stopping by!


  2. What a wonderful time you had. Love all your photos of your lovely family.

  3. What a fun winter vacation! Your kids seemed to be having lots of fun. I love it when siblings get along, my kids did too. That is a fancy hotel, and the party food looks very yummy. It's hard to believe our summer / your winter are speeding by so fast.

  4. Hi Pernilla,

    Ooo, what a gorgeous place your uncle lives in, and what a super special time you all had on your winter holiday! Your gorgeous children are so sweet. Isn’t it fun finding blue?

    Happy Blue Monday!

  5. Wow beautiful images and I drool over the food, hehe!



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