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Thursday, 11 December 2014

Last day of school - The Christmas Holiday is here!

The school year is finally over. Jonah has finished Year 2. Wow, we are officially on holiday!! My my mum is coming next week and Christmas is around the corner. So much to do - and so little time! A major clean-up is needed before we finally start to decorate the house for Christmas. We are slightly late this year, but as long as the Christmas décor is up before my mum gets here, I'm happy! 

The rain is poring down. I can hear thunder in a distance. I'm sitting here next to the screen door and I'm enjoying the coolest and most loveliest breeze - ever. The humidity during the day is so high that it's rather unpleasant to be anywhere without Air Con!  

After the Christmas holiday/Summer holiday - confusing, I know... For me, Christmas and Summer are worlds apart. Here in Australia, they go hand in hand... However, at the end of January next year, Jonah will start Year 3 with a new teacher, Mrs H. Lily will start Prep with the same teacher Jonah had in the same year level in 2012, Mr J. I have a feeling next year will be a great year for the kids - and for all of us!

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Celebrating 13 years in Australia

Today, thirteen years ago, I landed after a very long flight from my native Sweden. Left Australia in August  2001 and I was home for about three months, packing up my things/my life and getting ready for my new life 'Down-Under' - with Grant. I left my family, friends, my apartment and my job to start a new adventure on the other side of the world. Exciting and scary at the same time - but here we are, 13 years later... ☺

Monday, 24 November 2014

Swedish Christmas Market in Brisbane

Yesterday, it was time for the yearly Swedish Christmas Market. 
Swedish handicraft, Swedish food and other goodies 
mixed with Swedish clothes and Swedish art in subtropical Brisbane.

Igår besökte vi den årliga svenska julmarknaden i Brisbane.
Svenskt hantverk, svensk mat och annat gott
blandat med svenska kläder och svensk konst i solen och värmen.

Merry Christmas 
from my talented friend, Yenny Strömgren,
creator of Dirt By Earth.

God Jul ~ Merry Christmas

Beautiful handmade ornaments and gifts

Simple, rustic and stunning xmas ornaments

God Jul love hearts - so Swedish!

Swedish Christmas Art and Craft's tables
with The Swedish Saturday School

Kids are being very creative 
- getting right into the Christmas spirit

Ah, the concentration...

A Christmas tree ornament.

Lily is checking out the different sized Santas.

A Sea of Santas

Traditional Swedish Lucia with star boys, gingerbread men and santas

Lily is the cutest gingerbread girl ever!


More market stalls...

Cool t-shirts with Christmas motifs

Pretty candles

candles and pine cones!
My favourite décor☺

Cute santas

...and even more adorable little creations.

Pretty xmas cards

Hand-made Christmas decorations

Hearts and cones

Stunning Christmas embroidery

Christmas tea towel

Christmas, Christmas, Christmas

Apples and pomander - so Christmassy!

So much Christmas at once ☺

Cute little xmas bags

Talented Jenny Thor, creator of Thorogami

So many cute and colourful gifts


Aussie puzzles

Hanging santas

Danish flags and santas

Mrs Clause

It was an awesome day with beautiful Queensland weather. It was sunny and around 35°C (95°F) Somehow, we still managed to get a bit of Christmas feel in subtropical Brisbane. Maybe the Swedish Christmas music helped a bit? ...and the Lucia procession too, of course! 

Det var en mycket varm dag i härligt varma Queensland. Vi hade soligt och omkring 35°C. På något sätt fixade vi ändå julkänsla i subtropiska Brisbane - kanske den svenska julmusiken hjälpte en smula?  ...och Luciatåget också, så klart!